REVIEW: Benefit Ooh La Lift

I was gifted the Benefit Ooh La Lift and I used it religiously all last month. It’s just one of those products that doesn’t really seem to do anything drastic, but the subtle difference that it makes in the look of your overall makeup makes such a big impact — it’s worth buying and applying every morning. The Benefit Ooh La Lift is a “dream cream for the under-eye area” that gives your under-eye are an instant eye lift.



The sponge-tipped applicator allows you to dab on product under your eyes very easily. I blend the product in using a small synthetic buffing brush, and the slight cooling sensation feels nice in the mornings. The creamy pinkish-white coloring also contains “light-reflecting pigments and raspberry extract,” so this “magic pink balm gives eyes an instant brightening boost.” While we can’t expect this product to act like a concealer (because it’s not), it’s the magical product that makes such a big difference in your makeup. If you need additional coverage, I suggest applying the Ooh La Lift before concealer. I like to apply this on its own under my eye after foundation, and the lifting effect is real.


The texture of this product is balm-like yet thin. Once it blends out and absorbs into the skin, it smooths out lines and other issues — allowing the under eye area to look refreshed and clean. That way, if you need to apply concealer or anything else on top, you’re starting with a clean eye-canvas. The product may not look like much, but you’ll notice a huge difference when you forget to apply it — something just looks off. It’s an underrated and understated product that does so much without really being noticed. It’s important to remember that the effects are subtle — for an example, don’t expect Ooh La Lift to conceal like a concealer and don’t expect it to all of sudden make your under-eye area bright with light. Those effects would be too dramatic, and aren’t features for what the product really stands for. I recommend this product for your every day makeup arsenal. With the fall in full action and the dreary winter months just around the corner, something like the Ooh La Lift can be a big help.

Made in USA.
Retails for $22.00 USD.
0.25 oz.


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