Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “Native”

Lip colors don’t tend to tug at my heartstrings, unless it’s the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshines. In terms of favorite lip products as of late, I’ve been really enjoying the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in “86 Instinct” and Benefit’s Hydra-Smooth Lip Color in “Air Kiss.” While the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks have been out for a few months now, I admit I’m just now gaining some interest in this lipstick range.



The new Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks have caused quite a buzz around the blogosphere and YouTube, so you bet I had to give one of these babies a try. On Sephora’s website, they are described as “luxury lipstick[s] that delivers intense color payoff plus creamy shine.” The Revolution Lipsticks are rich in texture and pigment, and are very buttery in terms of consistency and how they feel on the lips. These lipsticks appear to “glide on without dragging or skipping and hugs every curve” of your lips. And really, just one swipe will do because they’re so creamy.

Also, “Urban Decay’s Pigment Dispersion System™ gives Revolution Lipstick its super creamy texture, intense pigmentation, superior color dispersion, and extended wear. Maxi-Lip™ defines and hydrates lips while making them look plumper and fuller. And a nourishing blend of jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter keeps lips super moisturized and cushiony soft.”


“Native” is a pale pink, my-lips-but-better color that is soft and pretty on the lips. The range of Revolution Lipsticks is quite vast, with 20 colors available — from nudes and bright pinks to deep and berry tones and reds as well. “Native” seemed like a good, general shade to start with. The pigmentation is crazy and I find that swiping the product onto my lips is too much. I just dab it a little bit onto my top and bottom lips, and that’s really enough for me. The formula is smooth and creamy so it’s easy to work with and easy to apply. Also, it’s very hydrating as well, so even after the color has worn off, my lips are slightly stained and not feeling dry.

I’d like to get “Obsessed” next, which is a bright baby pink. Originally, I wanted to get a nude shade, but found that they were too brownish and wouldn’t look right with my fair skin tone. The range is definitely worth checking out, but in terms of concept, the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks aren’t a new idea. So many brands are coming out with richly pigmented lipsticks that are glossy and hydrating. For me, my favorite will remain the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines.


I like the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks and I recommend you swatch colors in person. While the formula and texture feels nice, the finish is not as glossy as I would like. They’re more like standard lipsticks with beefed up pigmentation. I prefer glossy finishes personally, simply because a really matte lip look tends to look a bit mature for my taste. If you’re into bold colors and need your lip colors to be crazy pigmented, I’d recommend this range of lipsticks. However, if you’re like me, and you enjoy a more sheer and subtle look that’s glossy (but not wet-looking), you could probably pass these up and not lose sleep.

Made in USA.
Retails for $22.00 USD.
0.09 oz.


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