REVIEW: Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 in BR20

If you’re a base makeup fanatic like me, a new foundation release is the best news in the world. A little while ago, YSL released their newest foundation called the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 and I was dying to try it. I waited a few weeks on purpose — simply just waiting for other reviews and YouTube videos to go live before making my decision. Soon after reading various reviews, one of my favorite YouTubers — Essiebutton — did a video and corresponding blog post featuring the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation. So, basically, it was meant to be and I was eager to give this foundation a go.

On a separate note, if you want to see how this foundation looks on my skin in a Face of the Day post, click here to see the entry featuring the YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation.


Let me preface this review by stating that I don’t have any experience with YSL’s skincare products and I have not tried the Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Serum, which this foundation is modeled after. So I really can’t say if one can replace the other, or if one works better than the other.

Yves Saint Laurent has marketed this foundation as “a revolution in foundation,” stating that this product is a “serum foundation” that “offers medium-to-full coverage, skin-firming benefits, as well as 24-hour hydration and SPF 20 coverage.” Designed to function as an anti-aging foundation, the product is “infused with Yves Saint Laurent’s award-winning Forever Youth Liberator Serum,” and provides “all-day, non-stop hydrating properties to smooth and nourish the skin with the patented Color Tune-Up Complex to correct dullness, giving you a newer, brighter complexion.”



Much of the product’s statements ring true — this foundation provides high coverage and a little bit goes a long, long ways. I need half a pump and I don’t even use all of it on my face. The texture of the foundation is creamy but it’s also thin, so it adheres well to the skin and blends easily. Lines, pores, discoloration, and unevenness is buffed away with this product. As mentioned, this is a hydrating foundation and doesn’t claim to be oil-free or matte. While I don’t tend to powder unless I really need to, I found that this foundation does make me a bit shiny earlier in the day. I powder my t-zone but I do end up feeling oily by the end of a work day.

My shade is BR20, just like it is in the Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation. The beige rose shade is a great match for me because both the B10 and B20 were too yellow for my skin. The scent is slightly powdery and does linger after application on the skin. I’m not really a huge fan of that, but I can deal with it so it isn’t a deal-breaker for me.



I can’t say that this foundation can replace any anti-aging skincare because I believe that makeup and skincare are two different enchiladas. I also can’t say that by wearing this foundation my skin feels or looks any firmer or younger. However, it does plump the skin — so lines and pores are easily masked under this foundation. Also, I feel that the brightening properties of the serum helps with this foundation — there is something glowy and bright about this foundation after you’ve applied it to the skin. Of course, long terms benefits can only be seen after months of commitment towards a skincare product, so I wouldn’t say that this foundation is life-changing. However, if you’re looking for a hydrating foundation with skincare properties infused within, and you’re searching for a foundation that provides high coverage, I’d recommend this foundation.

Made in France.
Retails for $69.00 USD.


5 thoughts on “REVIEW: Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 in BR20

    • They are very different foundations. The Touche Eclat is glowy and really lifts the shadows of the face, so it’s kind of like walking around with perfect lighting on your face all day. The Youth Liberator Serum is more full coverage, so it’s creamier and not as glowy on the skin. Both last about the same amount of time — a full work day or so — but I think the Youth Liberator Serum foundation slides around more on my face because it’s a bit more oilier. I hope this helps!

  1. What shade are you in MAC or other foundations? I have MAC NW20 skin. I have oily skin and my favorite high end foundation is Dior Forever 020. Do you think BR20 would work? It looks so light in some of the swatches online. I have to buy it online since none of the stores around me carry it. I am a little nervous that this won’t be long-lasting enough but the finish on so many people is gorgeous. – Laura

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