9-month Eyebrow Regrowth Update

A few months ago, I updated you guys on my eyebrow regrowth process. I reported that my progress was slow for the past 5 months, and that I was still working on growing in the sparse areas that I had abused as a young teen more than a decade ago. Now, I bring you my 9-month update and wanted to let you know that this concludes my eyebrow regrowth journey. It’s been a long, grueling process — filled with painstaking mornings having to fill in, shade, and blend in product so that my eyebrows could be more full.

I’ve tried various products throughout the 9 months and changed my routine from time to time — mainly to accommodate. At this point, my brows are as full as they could ever naturally be. I still have some mildly patchy areas, so I fill that area in with pencil or powder — whichever is tickling my fancy. But one product has truly been my gem and it’s my most recent find: the Benefit Gimme Brow.


I reviewed a variety of brow “mascaras” here and mention the Benefit Gimme Brow in the post. As you can see from the picture, my brows are back in action — fuller than they’ve been in more than a decade. They frame my face better now that my brows aren’t overplucked. I kept the natural shape of my brows and only pluck the strays now. After I softly fill my patchy spots and give a bit more definition to the front of my brows, I use the Gimme Brow and smooth the product through my eyebrow hairs. It gives my brows volume and depth, while separating the hairs for definition. The hint of color that the product adds helps my brows look more natural without looking too filled in or drawn on. :)


I encourage everyone to keep their eyebrows as is. Pluck the strays and the odd hairs on your lids and definitely take care of the unibrow. But leave everything else. Your best brow shape is the natural one — the shape that you were born with, I promise. I spent more than a decade plucking all my eyebrow hairs and it’s taken 9 months to grow what I can back. At this point, I’ve accepted them for what they are and I will maintain them the best I can!

Have you had a regrowth journey?


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