REVIEW: Tarte Cheek Stain in “Tipsy”

On a whim, I decided to try the Tarte Cheek Stain because I liked the idea of it being a “natural-looking gel blush,” and “a water-based gel cheek tint that gives you a natural flush.” This alcohol-free and oil-free glue-stick-like product is unique — in that it’s a cheek stain that differs from other well-known cheek stains like the Benefit Benetint or Benefit Posietint.


Tarte claims that this cheek stain “contains Skinvigorating™ ingredients like a T5 Super Fruit Complex™—pure water to help skin retain moisture, and mineral-derived pigments known for their soothing and softening properties.” According to Sephora’s website, the “Tarte T5 Super Fruit Complex™ is a proprietary blend of the five most active superfruits: goji, açaí, maracuja, acerola, and pomegranate. The first blend of its kind, it is loaded with naturally occurring, antioxidant-rich nutrients, and vitamins that have been known to deliver refining, antiaging, and skin-restorative benefits with each application.”


I was disappointed that I didn’t like this product, even though it received good reviews. While summer is coming to an end, I thought this would be perfect for a “glowy summer look” — with glossy lips and dewy cheeks. However, I had a number of issues with this product: first, you have to swipe the blush a number of times on your cheeks to get the color to apply. I found that this would actually remove base makeup applied prior. Second, even a stippling brush didn’t blend the color well once applied; I had to use my fingers and I didn’t like how sticky the texture was. Third, the packaging requires you to push from the bottom to reveal more product on top. But it would slide down when I would be busy swiping this on my cheeks.

My biggest complaint is that this product is sticky and it takes forever to dry on the cheeks. While it does create a stain and the finish is natural, my hair would get stuck on my face because of this product. Also, because this is a gel-type blush, it would blend unevenly — meaning, it would blend more in some places and not enough in others. I was horrified to find that my face looked splotchy when I used this blush. Most stain products risk drying/setting too quickly, and it’s strange that these cheek stains stay sticky for so long.


The color “Tipsy” is pretty and is described to be a “sheer coral-pink with a hint of white shimmer,” and as you can see, it’s really nice swatched by itself. The apricot scent was nice as well. But the product is so high maintenance — ironically, it was designed to be an easy “on-the-go” product. I prefer powder blushes in general, but cream textures that are easy to work that are my favorite are Illamasqua Cream Blushers in “Laid” and “Promise.” Also, on the high-end of the spectrum, the Le Blush Creme de Chanel in 63 “Revelation” and 64 “Inspiration” are noteworthy as well.

Made in USA.
Retails for $30.00 USD.
1 oz.

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