Illamasqua Cream Blusher – “Laid”

Adding onto my Illamasqua Cream Blusher collection, I recently purchased “Laid” while I was visiting home. Much like my most favorite blush and best cream blush of all time — “Promise,” “Laid” is the same quality, texture, and prettiness.

“Laid” is described as a “bright rose pink” and is exactly that. It’s brightening — meaning, it imparts the most beautiful and subtle glow — yet, the rose pink color gives you a healthy look without coming across too strong in either direction — red or pink. It’s the perfect in-between and totally worth it.


You may find an Illamasqua section at your local Sephora; for me, I’ve only been able to find it at the Sephora next to my parents’ home. Online, the cream blushers are selling like hot cakes, so when they’re back in stock — I recommend you snag “Promise” and “Laid” to start with! :) The best thing about Illamasqua’s cream blushers is the formula/texture of the product. Not only is it easy to use and apply, but the creamy, non-tacky formula blends easily onto the skin. I don’t feel like it’s wiping off my foundation, like most other cream blushers I’ve tried. It also helps that the product is long-wearing and looks pretty all day.

Retails for $26.00 USD.
Made in Germany.

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