Banila Co. IT Radiant CC Cream

BB creams are old news in Asia and that’s because they’ve moved onto CC creams. The difference between BB creams and CC creams is that CC creams contain more skincare benefits, and acts less like a foundation-like product. Because of that, CC creams are often used as makeup primer/base; thus, they’re worn underneath foundations and in some cases, they’re worn underneath other BB creams as well. The point of a CC cream is not to really cover anything — they’re used as a skincare product — and, will blur imperfections, conceal redness and pores, and leave behind just your skin in its nearly natural state.


What will they think of next? DD creams? Lol. I purchased my CC cream from eBay because I wanted to try a Korean brand. While visiting Korea a few years ago, my cousins turned me onto Banila Co., and it quickly became one of my favorite non-department store brands. The price range is quite fair — while it’s not as cheap as Etude House, The Face Shop, and Skinfood — the product line is geared towards “professional women,” so the range targets concerns like whitening, brightening, wrinkle-fighting, etc.

As you can see from the product swatches, there are no other shade because the color of the product is not skin-toned. In fact, the pinkish hue disappears completely into the skin and absorbs quickly. After application, it looks like you didn’t apply anything at all; but, your overall skintone and texture looks remarkably better. The sun protection is medium compared to higher SPF’s in most Asian BB creams; but, unless you have good skin to begin with, this CC cream is the first step before regular makeup application (and can replace separate sun protection or makeup base for some people).


The texture of the CC cream is light and blends easily — making a little bit of product go a long way. The floral scent is nice but nothing special. This is great for evening out skintone and texture — meaning, even the bumps that are raised seem to be less noticeable in some magical way. Pores are easily concealed with this product; and, because the finish is extremely natural, it’s essentially undetectable. It just looks like skin! The overall finish is dewy and healthy. I find the product to be very moisturizing, but the whitening claims are pretty non-existent in my book. While it didn’t do anything bad to my skin, I didn’t notice any real/long-term changes because of this product.


CC creams are entirely different than BB creams and I think it depends on your own skin care concerns. If you’re looking for high coverage and need something for large pores and acne (including scars), I think it’s best to stick to a BB cream or foundation. If you don’t have that many concerns regarding your skin, a CC cream and some powder could be all you need on an every day basis. However, if you’re looking to double-up on products for a special occasion, or you just need the extra coverage, you can layer on foundation over a CC cream to achieve your desired effect.

Previously, I tried the Rachel K CC Cream in neutral. I didn’t like the grayish tone, but it blended in decently (but not to my liking). I feel like both can be worn alone as well. It really does depends on your own concerns — skincare-wise and coverage-wise.

Made in Korea.
30 mL.
Retails for 25,000 원 (or just over $22 or so).

3 thoughts on “Banila Co. IT Radiant CC Cream

  1. I haven’t tried any of the cc creams yet, I’m never sure if I’ll get enough coverage.. I normally prefer liquid foundations, which I normally choose by using PS Beauty . It’s a website that helps you choose the right shade and formulation for your skin tone but I maybe I should give the cc cream a go..

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