Eyebrow Update: The Bold Brows

So various things have changed with my eyebrows in the past 5 months: not only are they thicker, but I’ve been filling them in fuller. This post will discuss two separate issues for the bold brow — 1.) how to grow in your eyebrows; and 2.) how to fill them in thicker.

eyebrowIf you’re like me, I’ve been overplucking my eyebrows for 10+ years. In fact, I didn’t even know what my natural shape looked like until I stopped plucking. Our natural shape exists for a reason, so don’t fight it. It’s what’s going to look best on your face shape — thanks to mother nature.

Step 1: Stop plucking/threading/waxing. It’s going to look messy and make you cringe for a few weeks, but it will be worth it in the end. I left all the new growth alone, and only plucked to maintain absolute strays — meaning, the hairs that really didn’t belong there. Usually, for me, that was like 3-4 pieces of hair per eye every week or so.

Step 2: As your hair grows in, your natural shape will begin to take shape. Leave it all alone, making sure that you only pluck absolute strays. Remember that patchy and uneven growth is normal and to be patient. I used Rapid Lash to help the process along. I had some stubborn areas that just refused to sprout hair. However, I noticed in some places where there’s not meant to be hair, no amount of Rapid Lash helped. I supposed that’s what brow powders and brow pencils are really for!

Step 3: Condition your brows. Much like your lashes or the hair on your head, your eyebrows are still hair and need attention too. For me this was simple — at night when I was doing my night time routine, I just made sure to take my eye cream up to by brows and rub some cream in the hairs. I can’t scientifically prove if this did anything, but it helped my naturally-sparse brows look shinier and healthier.

Step 4: Re-shape the new growth. I’ve let my brows grow in for 5 months and only recently did it get easier to fill in. For months, it was annoying looking at the patchiness. By re-shaping, I mean plucking what would be a uni-brow (in between the brows) and close to your eyelids. Pluck only the strays and leave everything else alone.

I noticed I’m reaching for the tweezers less since I’m not forcing on a new shape — constantly plucking every morning. I only pluck the strays now every few days or 1-2 times a week. I also noticed that my face looks more balanced — from the way my nose looks to how my eye are framed. Before, my brows were much, much thinner and heavily arched. There was nothing natural about it. Also, filling them in is easier when I’m not drawing my brows on and I’m just filling them in quickly with some brow powder.

Filling in your bold brows: I’ve purchased a new eyebrow powder and new eyebrow brush (that I reviewed here). As mentioned in that review, I’m a big fan of the Louise Young Brushes that are now available in the US on the Nordstrom website. Previously, I was going back and forth with various MAC shadows for my brows, and now I’ve converted to using the Kanebo KATE Eyebrow Powder in EX-5 (dark brown).


With the new powder and my newly grown in eyebrow hairs, I find that filling them in takes less time since I’m not trying to draw in anything. With the LY31 angled eyebrow brush, I’m able to get just the right amount of powder all the time; and, everything transfers beautifully and easily onto my brows. Indeed, my brows are still growing in and I’m going to continue to leave them alone. I’m assuming all together, this will be a 6 months + journey. Also, I can’t remember WHY — to begin with — I plucked so much hair from my eyebrows. I’m grateful that they’re able to grow back!



Anyway, thanks for reading as always. I hope to post more with my newly grown-in brows. :)


3 thoughts on “Eyebrow Update: The Bold Brows

  1. Nice. I did the same thing and went to an eyebrow expert to get something based on my natural shape a few weeks ago after growing mine in for 3 months. I over waxed for 15 years and I always tried to look like a celebrity. I have incredibly thick eyebrows but still I and the esthetician noticed that my brows were relatively sparse at the ends and in the middle. Thanks for the info on RapidLash. Also which eye cream do you use? Can you also use this eye cream on your upper lid?

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