REVIEW: Fasio Hyper-Stay Mascara Magne-Plus Curl Long

As you all may already know, I’m a devoted Japanese mascara user because they hold the curl all day. With American brands, no matter how much they claim to be waterproof, the curl NEVER stays — so I lost hope a long time ago. This is my second Fasio mascara, with the Ultra Curl Lock Mascara being the first. I like this brand very much.


I haven’t been using the Majolica Majorca mascara in nearly a year since I’ve been trying out various other Japanese brands. I order all mine from Ebay and I’ve had no problems with the order or shipment. Because I was dedicated to Majolica Majorca for years, it was difficult to break away briefly; but, I’m thoroughly enjoying all the new brands. Fasio follows the same principles — in terms of mascara requirements. Above all, holding the curl is most important for me.


Normally, I’m not a fan of mascara brushes that are like combs because I feel that it lacks volume. However, this comb has tiny teeth that line up nicely — making sure to grab each and every eyelash. You don’t get uncoated gaps like with comb wands. The comb-shaped brush lifts the eyelashes from the base, defining each and every lash and really opens up your eyes because of all the lift action. It’s clump free and includes “curl-setting polymers” that attach firmly to each individual eyelash to maintain perfectly curled lashes.

This particular mascara has tons of fibers. If you don’t care for fibrous mascaras, this may not be for you. The fibers are small and thin and hardly noticeable, however. As the fibers attach to the lashes, you’ll create a wonder illusion of long, luscious lashes with just one coat. As with all Japanese mascaras, this is extremely powerful and will hold you curl in any weather and in any other situations. No amount of rain or tears will make this mascara run, smudge, wear off, or break the curl.



I wish I had regular access to Japanese mascaras, but for now, I’m okay with eBay. I highly recommend this mascara, and will always recommend Japanese mascaras to other Asians with short, spars, and stumpy lashes. Just applying the right mascara can do wonders. :)


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