Review: La Mer – “The Moisturizing Soft Cream”

Described as a “smooth, weightless cream,” La Mer’s newest addition to its moisturizer family is called the Moisturizing Soft Cream. Now, La Mer has a cult following; and, with its steep, steep prices, this range is really the epitome of high-end/luxurious skincare. For that reason, I was never really interested in the range — yes, because it’s so expensive; and, I felt that this range was catered towards mature and aging skins. However, I’m no stranger to paying lots of money for skincare — after all, I AM a fan of the SK-II line.

I requested a sample of this at Nordstrom after testing out various formulas at the counter. Nothing really impressed me and the scent was overwhelming. However, I didn’t want to dismiss it since I was just merely applying it onto the back of my hands.


The sample is teeny tiny and one sample tub will likely last a week or so (if you’re using it day and night). Strangely, a little DOES NOT go a long way and that’s a bit disappointing. The formula — the “soft cream” — is described as such:

“This luxurious cream delivers the same radiance and renewal that made the original Crème de la Mer a legend in a supple new texture. Infused with the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™, the heart of La Mer’s profound powers of transformation, it penetrates deeply to replenish moisture and strengthen skin. Renewed and energized, skin looks youthfully radiant. Pat a small amount between fingertips and press gently into skin.”


Now, aside from the mumbo juumbo, I do have to say that this moisturizer does its job — in that it moisturizes nicely and it moisturizes well. Also, my skin drinks this up like it’s been thirsty for a week! It absorbs nicely and the finish is a matte, soft feeling. It feels kind of like a primer to me. But the smell is outrageous and I’m not even that sensitive to scents. The overly powdery ‘grandma’ scent is unpleasant and it doesn’t disappear as the day goes on.

The soft, weightless texture is nice because it feels fluffy. I didn’t have any negative reactions when I used the product; but, it didn’t work wonders and miracles either. I just figured for the price, it should fix up my skin so nicely that I shouldn’t need foundation or concealer. I should just look amazing with this one moisturizer. But, I didn’t…and all it really did was moisturize. But you can get that from any decent moisturizer for way, WAY cheaper.


I liked the sample and used it all up. But when it was gone, I didn’t miss it or yearn for it — so, to me, that meant that this was a no-go. I don’t want to blame the product, however, since I don’t have any major skin issues like uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, and deep-set lines. I’m sure when the time is right for me to use this range/formula, it may yield more results. For now, all I can say is that it felt nice and I felt fancy using it. But I really can’t justify paying that much money for something that sort of did nothing. I think this will work best for those with dry (and really dry) skins; and, those with more mature skins.

Retails for $150.00 USD for 1 oz.
Retails for $275.00 USD for 2 oz.


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