Foundation Update: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – Shade 3

After finishing shade 4, previously reviewed and posted here, I re-purchased this iconic foundation in shade 3.

I try to give all my favorite foundations equal attention by keeping them on rotation. This is also because I’d like to use up what I’ve purchased. Every now and then, I’ll neglect a particular foundation for whatever reason and re-discover it later. :) This — is one of those foundations.

Previously, I purchased shade 4 and wasn’t too happy with it. I went back and forth between shade 3 and 4 and opted for 4 in the end. After awhile, I felt that it wasn’t that good of a match for me, but by then, I’d already thrown away the box and the receipt. Boo. I finished the foundation anyway and re-purchased it in shade 3. I’m very happy with the shade and the texture and formula are still the best.

photo (1)

I started wearing this without primer and like it even more. When I do wear primer, I just apply it to my nose and chin. I feel that this foundation performs perfectly without the help of a primer and the finish is luxurious and luminous. I love the weightless-ness of it and you can’t go wrong with it. Since re-discovering it and re-purchasing it, I’ve been using it no-stop. I don’t tend to re-purchase foundations because I like buying new ones. But this is a classic favorite to have on hand in your collection. Totally worth the money.

Apparently, the packaging will be changing soon. I like the sleekness of this bottle regardless. I’m kind of over Chanel foundations because I’ve purchased them and used them regularly; but, I’d choose the Luminous Silk over Chanel any day. I’m interested in the Maestro and contemplated purchasing that instead of this one, but the time will come for that one in due time.

As for the shade difference — it’s VERY slight. In fact, the only real difference is that I feel that shade 3 is brighter because it’s a bit more peachier than shade 4. Shade 4 isn’t all that dark, but it tends to run more yellow than shade 3. For pale, fair Asian skin tones, shade 3 or 4 would work — but if you’re yellow-heavy, I’d lean more towards 4. I like having some peach in my shades because I think it balances out my tone more since I’m not all that yellow on my face.

What’s your favorite foundation? Have you re-purchased any?


8 thoughts on “Foundation Update: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – Shade 3

  1. could you please suggest some other foundation shades with the same shade as 3?? i am number 3 in silk luminous but would like to try some other brands with similar shade.thanks

  2. Hi! finaly who can (maybe) help me with the foundation i want. Im from Chile and my brother is going to England on january so i wanted to ask him to bring me the Luminous Silk GA foundation. As you I am BR20 in youth liberator foundation. In Guerlain, beige clair 02. You bought the armani one in shade 3. I wanted to ask you if you think it is similar in color to the YSL one or it its lighter or darker. Im just lost with the shades! It would be great if you help me. thank you very much! xxx

  3. How is this compaired to the ysl youth liberator? Is this a great foundation for every day or special events? Im stuggling between two of them. I want something healthy and dewy yet non greasy

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