Natural Glam: Creating a bright, flawless canvas

In a perfect world, I would wake up looking well-rested, glowy, and fresh-faced every morning. It’s ironic that a natural, no makeup look could take so much work, lol. Most days, I go for the natural look anyway — but it totally depends on the condition of my skin; and occasionally, my skin needs a little bit extra. What I mean by “natural glam,” is that the general idea of the look is still natural — but there’s a little bit of an oomph. It’s subtle but the flawless and dewy canvas is often faked with glow-inducing products! :)


For the natural glam look, base makeup is important. What you layer on underneath your makeup needs to be taken into consideration; and, that’s why, for a look that needs extra oomph, I use the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector to get my skin looking good before makeup application. After the morning skincare routine, I use the Rachel K CC Cream in neutral to even out my skin tone and correct any irregularities. This is perfect for days when you don’t need much but you still need something.

For additional brightening, concealing anything that the CC Cream didn’t get is imperative. Nothing will ruin a bright look than a dark spot — or any darkness, for that matter. For any darkness on the face and under the eyes, it’s best to use something like the Benefit Erase Paste to neutralize anything and everything. It’s also good to apply this around the corners of your mouth and nose as well — and, this is because there’s natural shadows there that will inadvertently create darkness.

Next, I applied NARS The Multiple in “Luxor” to create a healthy, pinky sheen on my cheekbones. This is key for maximum glow factor. Highlighting is a must. I’ve skipped powdering in general because it tends to matte down the skin too much, and it defeats the purpose of a dewy, glowy look. If you want to lock in your concealer, powdering those areas with a translucent powder isn’t a bad idea. For blush, since I’m skipping powder products in general, I’ve used the Benefit Posetint (sample) to get a bright pop of color on my cheeks. While the color is bright (and tends to be brightening), you don’t want it to look stark and unnatural. Firm blending is essential with this.

With a bright complexion, eyebrows are strangely important. Without good, framed eyebrows — it will just look like something’s missing on your face. I used the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in “Chestnut” because it’s a warm, medium brown shade that isn’t too dark. When my brows are too dark, it makes me look like a demon, lol. And, especially, when you’re going for an ethereal, bright look — you don’t want super dark eyebrows to cast any darkness on the face! :)


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