Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter

Currently, my highlighter of choice is the Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter and I’m totally thrilled to be writing about it.

Previously, I had raved about the NARS The Multiple in “Luxor” — and, while that’s still another favorite of mine, Watt’s Up! is a champagne color that’s golden and pretty. I’d say you need both, but the Watt’s Up! will be more natural color-wise (because it runs more beige-y rather than pink).



Benefit’s Watt’s Up! is described as a “soft-focus highlighter for [the] face.” The luminous champagne color is a golden, skintone-flattering shade that is pearly and shimmery, without having chunks of glitter in it. The texture of the product is smooth and buttery soft, and melts into the skin on contact and has a powdery finish.

I like to add this on my cheeks and sometimes my eyelids — depending on my mood. But, most of all, I like it because it highlights the face with luminosity and glowy-ness.


My main, personal dislike is the packaging of the product. I don’t mind cutesy packaging and I probably wouldn’t have cared about it if the lid was more secure. It doesn’t snap on tightly and has come off on more than one occasion in my makeup bag, which totally irritates me.


The sponge-tipped applicator is completely useless, and if anything, I’d imagine it would wipe away whatever you’ve applied underneath. I apply this product with my fingers or with a brush. It’s easy to blend and very forgiving in all lighting.

Sephora describes this product as a “cream-to-powder highlighter” that “turns up the wattage with a delicate, gorgeous champagne glow. Its smooth application and luminous sheen switches on the ‘wow’ factor for any complexion. Apply it to cheeks and browbones, then sculpt with the soft-glow blender for your perfect gleam.” A little goes a long way with this product.


This highlighter is fool-proof and easy to use. I find that it’s the missing ingredient when you’re using a more matte/semi-matte foundation/base, because it adds the glow without having to take into consideration oil production. Love. I recommend this product, and yes, I would deem this product worthy of being called a necessity. :)

Made in USA.
0.33 oz
Retails for $30.00 USD.


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