Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – “Diffused Light”

As you all probably know, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is all the rage. This is one of the few times I’ve jumped at the chance of getting right away and I’m so glad that I did. According to Sephora, the 6 available shades of the Ambient Lighting Powders are designed to create the most flattering “lighting” for your skin tone. It is “a universal finishing powder that features state-of-the-art technology to recreate the most exquisitely flattering types of light.”


This powder is supposed to do a lot of things and the claims, as usual, are very high. The “Ambient Lighting Powder is a groundbreaking collection of finishing powders that capture, diffuse, and soften the way light reflects on your skin. Ambient’s illuminating particles are one of the first ever to exhibit both photoluminescence and color-correcting capabilities.”

At first glance (in person), the powders all appear dark and the pigments appear strange looking. Some are rosey toned and peachy toned, others are bronzey, and there was one that appeared completely white. However, upon swatching them all, all the powders disappear lightly into the skin and casts a glow that shimmer slightly. The “transparent micron-sized spheres with an entrapped diamond core—called photoluminescent technology—do not simply cloak imperfections like traditional powder, but rather, alter and refine the perceived appearance of the complexion by manipulating and filtering out harsh light. Delivering a multidimensional luminescence to every skintone, skin appears softer, younger, and lit-from-within.”

To loosely translate the mumbo-jumbo, basically, this powder will flatter your skintone by creating different “lighting.” The product will diffuse the look of imperfection, blur pores and wrinkles, while reducing unflattering shadows and pigmentation. The goal of this product is to give you that perfect “lighting” the entire day. Although Hourglass claims that the 6 available shades are universal, I’d disagree. These powers are NOT all translucent; and, many, of the shades will show up in color.


I chose the shade “Diffused Light” which is yellow in color and the most suitable for my fair, Asian skintone. It appears chalky at first, but blends beautifully and then disappears into the skin. There is shimmer; however, it’s so light that once everything is blended, you won’t notice it. This shade has a brightening effect, yet it warms up the skin nicely –giving me a fresh and alive apperance. Supposedly, the “Diffused Light [powder will] reduce redness, eliminate shine, and give skin clarity.” I would say that I agree. Although the powder itself does NOT provide any coverage, it’s like a giant eraser for your face and erases imperfections on your face, thus giving it clarity. By reducing the redness in my skin, it looks brighter and healthier will no additional foundation or concealer. The yellowy pigmentation of the powder is great for eliminating redness — in fact, any overly yellow powder will do that.

The powder does not control oil but doesn’t do anything to worsen oil production. So far, dusting this over foundations and BB creams have yielded wonderful results. The difference is subtle and you’ll feel like something is different — you just don’t know what. If anything, this is perfect for the under-eye area as well. My only complaints are that the powders are extremely dusty so don’t forget to dust off the excess before brushing it onto your face; and, I wish the compact came with a velvet pouch (for the price).

Is this absolutely necessary? No. But it makes me feel pretty and I think you’ll feel pretty too! :)

*The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is free of talc, gluten, fragrance, and nanoparticles.

Made in Italy.
Retails for $45 USD.


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