Benefit Peek-A-Bright Eyes

The new Benefit Peek-A-Bright Eyes palette is my favorite this week. It’s so portable, practical, and useful for all occasions. This palette is marketed as a “six-piece eye illuminating kit,” and MAN, does it work. Perhaps it’s me being gullible, or there’s something about these shades + the Eye Bright that’s doing something magical, lol.


In the last few posts, I’ve mentioned how I’ve been on a Benefit kick lately, and that still holds true. I picked this up while I picked up other various Benefit products (reviews and face of the day posts coming soon) and I’ve been so excited about everything. :) I know I’ve complained about their box-packaging; and, you know, it still kinda bothers me that everything is housed in cardboard boxes for the price — however, I’ve just decided to make my life easier and accept the fact that it’s just Benefit’s style.

And, hey, at least it’s nice, sturdy boxes rather than the thin, flimsy stuff. Right? Lol.


Sephora states that “this convenient portable makeup kit” will “illuminate, highlight, and contour with three complementary shadows.” You get a base color, crease color, and a general highlight color. Along with that, you also get Benefit’s creamy brightener, Eye Bright. I would say if more neutral shades isn’t anything new to you, consider just getting the full size Eye Bright because I think that’s what’s doing the trick here.

The 3 eyeshadow shades work well together, but again, aren’t anything that different from other neutral shades with shimmer in it. There are no matte shades in here, and mainly, that’s probably because shimmer will brighten any look. The dark brown shade is pretty and great for contouring the eyes or lining them; the all over base color is basically the same as my skintone; and, the pinky shade is great for a highlight — although it’s too shimmery for under the brows in my opinion.


This set contains:
– 0.05 oz Eye Bright
– 3 x 0.03 oz Eyeshadow
– Concealer brush (for the Eye Bright)
– Contour/Liner brush

The brushes don’t do much, but the concealer brush for the Eye Bright is quite useful. I’d also like to note that I appreciate that the Eye Bright is in its own container that snaps shut. It bothers me when companies put together palettes and put the powder shadows and cream products together — because we KNOW that the cream products will dry out, duh.


I still really like this palette because it has everything that I’ll need and I like all that comes in the palette. I’d recommend it for those who are experimenting with Benefit products since it’s a great way to try things out!

Made in USA.
Retails for $32.00 USD.


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