REVIEW: DiorSkin Nude BB Creme

In some recent posts, you may have read that I was unsatisfied with non-Asian BB creams; and, in many ways, I harped on its inconsistencies and bold claims. In all fairness, I can only recommend Bobbi Brown’s BB cream out of the high-end ones I’ve tried, but I’m happy to report that the DiorSkin Nude BB Creme has come in a close second place.


First of all, I had no idea this product was even available until I just happened to see it at Sephora — freshly stocked. Of course, I naturally had to take a look and immediately began swatching. In today’s post, I’ll be talking about the shade 002 FAIR. In fact, just for reference, 001 Light, is pink — like, really, really pink. In my opinion, 002 Fair will match all with fair to light skin tones — all beneath NC/NW 25-30. Color matching may still be tricky though especially if you’re very fair like me, or you don’t lean entirely yellow (like me). Base makeup that has a hint of pink/ivory tends to match me better, so for me, the color match was only so-so.


The packaging is pretty — very sleek with a well-performing pump. So far no clogging and that in itself is a plus in my book. Dior is marketing this product as a “skin-perfecting beauty balm” that runs along side the NUDE range (which includes everything from foundation, concealer, bronzer, and lipsticks). As with all products in the nude range, a fresh and radiant look is the overall goal and Dior claims that this product is “the next generation complexion enhancer.”

According to the insert, “Dior wanted to create the ‘beauty balm’ that would offer the flawless correction and perfect skincare efficiency of Asian [BB creams], with the added bonus of a light texture and an enhancing fresh rosy effect.”


According to Sephora’s website, the Diorskin Nude BB Crème “provides the benefits of skincare and makeup in a fresh and airy formula. Enhanced with mineralized floral water and a blend of antioxidants, it moisturizes, smoothes, protects, and corrects skin with sheer coverage. Available in four expert shades to match every skintone, the complexion is illuminated with a unique fresh glow and dewy finish.”

Much like Asian BB creams, this product is loaded with skincare benefits and it feels and blends beautifully and flawlessly. However, it lacks coverage and sun protection — which pretty much all Asian BB creams have including the Bobbi Brown’s BB cream. I agree, when I use the DiorSkin Nude BB Creme, my skin looks even and radiant; and, I swear it looks plump and healthy too. The finish is light and feels like a fluffy veil that has softly coated my skin. Minor imperfections are blurred and pores are concealed; oil-control is okay, but I’ve seen better.


My shade 002 Fair is a good match, but only because it’s so sheer. The heavy yellow undertones help with blending into my skin somewhat but isn’t a great match, and what I love the most about this product is the way it feels on my skin. However, coverage is very minimal and unless you already have good skin to begin with, it’s going to be difficult to see that this product is doing anything for you without additional help from concealer. In my opinion, rather than being labeled a BB cream, the original concept of being a “complexion enhancer” is more accurate.

Layered UNDER foundation, this may end up being superb at color correcting and act as an optimal primer. But, it defeats the purpose of using a BB cream — an all-in-one product that gives you everything: skincare benefits, coverage, and sun protection. The DiorSkin Nude BB Creme has a pitiful SPF of 10. Seriously??


I buff this onto the skin with my Real Techniques buffing synthetic brush and it works like a charm. I really like the BB cream and find it great for most days. The glow it gives is beautiful, but I feel that I’m only enjoying it because I don’t need much coverage. Also, I layer SPF 50 underneath this anyway. Compared to my next favorite (Bobbi Brown), I like both for different reasons; and, depending on what your personal skin needs are, your choice may be different. Overall, I like the DiorSkin Nude BB Creme and would recommend it — but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Made in France.
1 oz.
Retails for $44.00 USD.


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