Giorgio Armani | Sheer Blush 2 – Pink

I can confidently say that MAC’s “Well Dressed” blush is my absolute favorite. Also, it’s the only blush I’ve hit pan on and one that I will re-purchase in the very near future. I have gone weeks at a time using only “Well Dressed,” and quite frankly, if I never bought another blush again with only “Well Dressed” in my possession, that would suffice…

Until now, that is…

The soft, lightweight texture makes this blush easy to work with and blend. The color is sheer and natural, yet buildable – unfortunately, on darker skin tones, I don’t think this blush will do much. For medium skin tones, I suggest applying and layering with a heavier hand. Because of its soft texture, it tends to get powdery when I dip my brush into the pan. However, after dusting off the excess, it applies so beautifully onto the skin and imparts the most perfect glow without shimmer. It instantly lifts the face and gives tired-looking skin a radiant and instant glow.


Giorgio Armani makeup, much like YSL makeup, never really interested me. I’m not sure if it’s because GA is the least accessible or if it’s because I’m pretty content with other designer makeup – like Chanel and Dior. Other than the Luminous Silk foundation, I never gravitated toward GA until I fell in love the blushes. I was walking through Neiman Marcus and glanced over at the counter and noticed a blush from far away. I walked over to look at it and just had to swatch it.

Of course, I ended up purchasing the blush and have been wearing it non-stop. I would say that “Well Dressed” is still in first place for me, but GA’s sheer blush in 2-Pink is a CLOSE second. GA’s website describes the product as “extremely soft and light” that will “enhance the complexion with a flush of natural color,” while “sculpt[ing] the face delicately and naturally.” The results? “Cheeks are left with a warm, radiant glow.”

Shade 2-Pink is light, dusty peachy-pink that isn’t too cool toned or too warm. You can see shimmer in the pan, but it doesn’t shimmer on the cheeks, thankfully. The shade is perfect for pairing with any look and I love the naturalness of the product. In the pan, this blush looks true pink but comes off on the skin with a slight hint of peachy-ness, but looks more pink in real life. It’s not orange or a real peach color, but it seems to adapt differently onto the skin than it looks in the pan. In my opinion, a real pink blush is “Well Dressed!” My main complaint is that it’s SO expensive for a blush. Ordinarily, when I’m this impressed with a shade, I’d be tempted to try other shade ranges. However, with GA’s sheer blushes, I’ll be skipping the rest.

Retails for $44.00 USD.


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