Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in “Chestnut”

After relying solely on appropriate eyeshadow shades to fill in my eyebrows, I was recently convinced to try an eyebrow pencil. In the past, I’ve used MAC’s “Lingering” but preferred the natural look of powder on the brows. Today’s post is about the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Chestnut.

Despite the steep price for an eyebrow pencil, I decided to try the item after reading rave reviews. Because I haven’t tried many different eyebrow pencils out on the market, I can’t say 100% that this is the best I’ve ever tried. However, what I CAN say is that right now, I prefer the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor over my MAC eyeshadow in “Coquette” and MAC’s eyebrow pencil in “Lingering.” :)

photo TF1

It’s often said in the beauty-world that the eyebrows are one of the most important elements of the face – because it not only frames your face, but also frames your eyes as well. Without groomed or filled in brows, in my experience, your overall appearance and makeup look, is rather incomplete.

Naturally, I have thin hairs and have always wished for thick eyebrow hairs. Strangely, although my eyebrow hairs tend to grow quickly and I have a lot scattered hairs, the overall appearance of my brows is quite thin. My natural hair color is a dark chocolate brown shade, rather than a black-charcoal shade as well. Tom Ford says that “a perfectly groomed and shaped brow is the most powerful non-invasive way to define and enhance your features.” I would absolutely agree with that.

“The unique calligraphy tip allows a tailor-made stroke, from thin to wide.” This built-in angle of the tip is the key element. Other eyebrow pencils – whether they’re automatic or in pencil form – will get blunt and flatten out as you use the product. Because of that, it’s difficult to create a thin, crisp line that will help define the brows. A precision-tipped applicator is key in creating a defined and well-edged brow.

By having the angled tip, it’s easy to draw on the brows; and, then the wide portion of the tip is great for shading and adding dimension. The color – although waxy – transfers well onto the brow hairs and skin. It’s very easy to use, which I like – while I was using MAC’s “Lingering,” the blunt tip was hard to work with and it was difficult to shade or fill-in the sparse areas because the tip was so rounded.

NOTE: Remove the opposite-end cap to uncover the grooming brush; twist the cap counterclockwise to reveal the sharpener. This sharpener comes with the pencil and housed inside of the product – that way you’ll never lose it. This is handy for maintaining the angled-tip.

The shade “Chestnut” is a great match for my skin tone and my natural hair color. The warm deep brown can be applied lightly or layered for a stronger, bolder look. I’ve been using my brow sculptor for two weeks now and have already sharpened it 4 times – shaving off as little as possible, lol. I suspect this product won’t last long, which is a problem since this product is $42.00 – so this is something to consider. Using my trusty MAC eyeshadow in “Coquette” will probably last me a lifetime, so if you’re looking for something economical, the TF Brow Sculptor may not be a budget-friendly option.

I love this product but it won’t last long. While it was a cool product to try, I don’t think it’s special enough to be repurchased, unfortunately. And, also, using powder to fill in the brows is the most natural way to go, in my opinion.

0.3 g
Made in Japan.
Retails for $42.00 USD.


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