Benefit “Coral My World” – CORALista + Sun Beam

Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, but I’ve been into the gift sets at Sephora lately. They’re a good deal and a fun way to collect items in miniature sizes!


Of course, while browsing the items at the check-out line, this gift set caught my eye. Not only are the tiny-sized items so cute, but they’re both products I’ve been wanting to try but resisted because it just wasn’t worth the price! It’s also a good way to sample shades and decide which full-sized items you may want to commit to.

And, a handy dandy bonus is that it’s travel friendly. I like to save these kinds of items for when I’m on the go or traveling because it’s more convenient and less risky this way.


This is the Benefit Sample Set I’m referring to from Sephora. In it, I got Benefit CORALista and Benefit Sun Beam for $12! :)


The box contains “two tropical cheek faves in one mini set.”

What it does:
“CORALista and Sun Beam cheer up your cheeks with a tempting flush and a drop of liquid sunshine. Sweep on our coral pink powder then blend on the golden bronze highlighter for a truly ‘sun-believable’ look.”


I’ve been a fan of Benefit’s boxed blushes, but I tend to not collect full-sized ones because you get such good deals on the sets that come out around the holidays. Here’s the link to Sephora where you can check out the full size Benefit CORALista blush!

The shade is considered to be a “warm coral-pink powder that warms up your complexion.” The “coral pink sheen” is perfect to pair with any look you’re going for, so it makes the shade versatile. The powder is soft and the formula blends beautifully on the cheeks. It’s buildable, but pigmented – so I’d apply with a light hand and fluffy blush brush; and then, add on if need be. This shade my be potentially full-size-worthy, but it’s quite expensive for something that comes housed in cardboard.

Full-sized product is 0.42 oz and retails for $28 USD.


Benefit Sun Beam is a “golden bronze complexion highlighter” that provides the prettiest sheen that isn’t brown and muddy. The golden finish is perfect for my fair skin since most bronzers – even ones made for pale skin tones – are hard to blend out without it looking orange and reddish, or brownish and dirty on the skin.

Sephora’s website says to “consider this liquid sunshine in a bottle.” True, and “this golden bronze highlighter gives you a natural, sunkissed radiance.” I like the golden sheen + glow that it provides because it doesn’t look forced, but rather, it looks like I’ve returned from a much needed vacation.

Full-sized product is 0.45 oz and retails for $26.00 USD.
See how the boxed gift set is totally worth it to try?


I like that this set came paired together because they work so well on my fair skin tone. If you’ve been hesitant trying Benefit’s products because of the price, I’d suggest trying the sample/gift sets first. Often, even the miniature sizes last a long, long time because a little goes a long way with these products.

And, if you’re a makeup junkie like me, you already have a bunch of stuff to get through; so, adding miniature sized products to the collection won’t hurt it a bit! :)

Thanks for reading.


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