Defined Eyes

002Previously, I posted a no make-up makeup look and featured products to help create a natural-looking finish. Today’s post will feature the corresponding eye-look to follow – if you so choose.

In case you’re wondering which neutral eyeshadows are best to invest in, try reading this post on my top neutral eyeshadows to own. :) It’s a good post to reference if you’re on the hunt for some good neutral shadows, or if you’re a neutral eyeshadow buff, like me. However, palettes are good options too.

MAC “Coquette” eyeshadow + NARS “Ashes to Ashes” eyeshadow + MAC “Teddy” eyeliner are my three chosen products. They’re versatile because the colors can be played up to be dramatic; however, most days, I choose to use a fluffy, blending brush (like the MAC 217) and apply/dust the product onto my lids. Also note, I tend to not line my lower lashline on days I do this look – it’s simply because I want to remain true to the naturalness I’m trying to create. Of course, this all depends on the day; sometimes I’m in the mood for it and sometimes I’m not. :)

P.S. Face makeup is from the post I referenced above.

Step 1: Sweep on NARS “Ashes to Ashes” eyeshadow on each lid. The lighter the better. And, nothing fancy here – you want the color to be visible but not strong.
Step 2: Line top lashline with MAC “Teddy” eyeliner. This can be slapped on since it will be blended out anyway. Also, you can substitute this liner shade. I chose a dark, golden brown.
Step 3: Blend out “Teddy” liner with a stiff, small brush; add MAC “Coquette” eyeshadow to diffuse the harsh line. And, “Coquette” is my brow shade here, too.
Step 4: (optional) Lightly smoke it out or blend up towards the crease for definition.


I call this look the “defined eyes” look because it’s natural but your eyes don’t look naked. Sure, some days, there are times you want to wear ZERO product on the lids. This is totally understandable. For me, even when I’m sporting the natural look, I like something to define the eyes – even if it’s just eyeliner all by itself.

I think I prefer looks like this when it’s gloomy and cold outside. The minimialistic look is great for whenever, and you can always spice this up with a bold lip, or subtle glitter eyeliner, or even just a colorful scarf around your neck! I believe it depends on what you want to highlight – in terms of features; for me, I prefer to highlight the skin.

What do you think? Do you guys like the natural look, too?


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