MAC “Lovelorn” Lipstick

Something new I’ve been trying lately is to try different shades of lipsticks that are out of my comfort zone. For the most part, I normally skip lip products all together, and start my day with a little bit of chapstick. When I remember or I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use a lip color on rotation; however, I very rarely venture out of the light pink and nude-ish colors.


I came upon “Lovelorn” when I recently read about it on a beauty blog. Out of curiosity, I swatched it at the counter to see if it would go well with my skin tone. It’s an unusual shade to wear, because even though it doesn’t look bright per se, it kind of is!

Because it’s well-pigmented and on the bright side, I lightly dab the product onto my lips rather than swiping it back and forth, like I do with my lighter colors. Then, after I press my lips together to evenly distribute the color, I rub my finger around my lips to remove some the color.


By removing the ‘outside layer’ of pigment, you’re left with a pretty, pink stain that brightens your smile and your complexion. The blue-ish hues/undertones in the lipstick has that effect, but can be damaging if you have flakes or a bad case of dry lips.


I layer a lip balm underneath this shade because it tends to be drying on me. But it’s a pretty, fun color to wear with little to no makeup on the eyes. Also, I find it refreshing to wear this on days when my makeup in general is minimal; it really helps the color pop – but in a pretty way, of course.

Give it a try; especially if you’re pale like me, and looking for a bright color that won’t be too loud!


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