Achieving the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Achieving the No-Makeup Makeup look is ironically not as easy as it sounds. Getting the natural look takes just as much time/effort as a dramatic, going-out look. The trick is to let your skin be your skin; and, your eyes should be defined but with no added colors/contouring. In my opinion, if you get the skin to look natural, you’re all set to go!

Getting your skin to look like it was put together with minimal effort requires minimal products. However, it all depends on your skin, the condition of it, and what you’re comfortable with. Some people aren’t comfortable going bare-faced or going even almost bare-faced, so do what makes you happy.

For me, I just need the essentials: concealer, powder, blush, illuminating pen. I skip foundation when I’m going for this look. If you also want to skip foundation but need coverage, opt for a BB cream or powder foundation that you can apply with a brush. Or, try applying a tinted moisturizer and then dusting on some powder.

I achieve my No-Makeup Makeup look by starting out with dotting on my Cle De Peau concealer on spots and minor discolorations. If I’m having a good skin day, I’ll just dab this around my nose and on my chin (sometimes a wee bit on my cheeks) to cancel out the redness.

Before adding powder, I apply my YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch illuminating pen under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose. Because this is a no-makeup makeup look, there’s no need to be heavily highlighted. I focus this product for my undereye area and the bridge of my nose for the lifting effect (because this is NOT a concealer).

Next, I’ll dust on the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder all over for some coverage (but not a lot). I like this powder for its naturalness because it’s not flat and matte like some powders. It keeps oil at bay but still keeps my skin looking natural, healthy, and slightly glowy. Love. Also note that this powder provides light coverage and it’s better than nothing.

Afterwards, blush is a must so I don’t look like the walking dead. My favorite is MAC’s blush in Well Dressed because it’s the perfect pink that isn’t too pink or too peachy. It provides a subtle glow, and when applied with a light hand, the color is a natural flush tone for my cheeks. Love.

Tools are just as important, even though using your fingers is totally fine. I use Sephora’s concealer brush to blend in the YSL radiant touch pen and the Cle De Peau concealer. I use MAC’s 188 brush to lightly dust the MSF Natural and use MAC’s 129 brush for blush.

Of course, any of these tools or products can be substituted with brands that you already have.

I enjoy the No Makeup-Makeup look for lazy days or days when I’m in a rush. Sometimes on good skin days, I want my skin to really show through, so I’ll stick to a simple look like this. I hope this has helped some of you who have been asking about “everday looks.” Next, I’ll post a foundation/face routine for those who are curious.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! :)
And, as always, thanks for reading.


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