Maybelline EyeStudio Eyeshadows – “Olive Martini” & “Give Me Gold”

Today, I’ve got two more great drugstore finds for you and I’m so excited about them. Drugstore eyeshadows are still a work in progress, but have come a long way. In my opinion, many are beginning to mimic Asian drugstore eyeshadow packaging and size.

Nonetheless, I like them for the portability and price. It’s also nice to just throw in your makeup and go. Also, I’m noticing newer shades and dupable shades as well – which is great competition for high-end brands.

I’m trying out Maybelline EyeStudio eyeshadows for the first time and I’m impressed and pleasantly surprised. Although I like the Wet ‘n Wild trios and palettes as well, I like the non-chalky pigmentation and quality of the Maybelline EyeStudio eyeshadows.

Here are my two Maybelline palettes: “Olive Martini 400” and “Give me Gold 05.” I shot these pictures in direct sunlight in front of a window to capture its true colors and all the glittery glory. I like this lighting and will do my best to do this for quality purposes.

From the get-go, notice the high-impact glitter; but, also notice the unique shades that could also be used interchangably. Packaging is a bit on the cheap side, but I quite frankly don’t mind. I got mine at Walgreens on sale for about $15 (normally they’re about $10 a palette).

“Olive Martini 400” is the most unique and highly sought after palette. It’s also a limited edition shade, which also makes it difficult to find. I stumbled upon it by accident shortly after MakeupByTiffanyD’s tutorial using this palette. The color combination is impressive and is very unique.

I’ve swatched “Olive Martini 400” here and you’ll notice the glitter in all four shades and lack of pigmentation in the first two shades. The third shade is a dupe for MAC’s “Club” eyeshadow and the final shade is my favorite. Even as a highlight the first shade is barely anything to write about, and shows up on the lid with quite chunky glitter. It’s nice for the inner corners, however.

Check out MakeupByTiffanyD’s YouTube tutorial because she uses as her Fall palette. Used all together, it provides a pretty smokey eye that’s different than using charcoal colors.

“Give me Gold 05” is highly pigmented and could be either dramatic or natural – depending on how you apply it. It’s a good go-to palette to have and it’s very easy to work with since all the colors compliment each other. I found none of the colors to be chalky and all were highly pigmented. I wouldn’t label this a neutral palette because of the the copper and gold shades.

I’ve swatched “Give me Gold 05” here and you can probably notice all the glitter and strong pigmentation in all the shades. If you use a light hand, this can be wearable during the day; I, however, have worn this on a night out and loved the drama without using black and other smokey (and traditional) colors. At times, I’ve mixed shades from both palettes with good results as well.

Final thoughts:
All contains rich color that are buttery soft and smooth. According to Maybelline’s website:
• Exclusive formula with silk pigments creates the ultimate shadow texture and luminosity.
• Ophthalmologist-tested. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

All colors are illuminating and brightens the eyes, which we all like. I enjoy the versatility of the shades and am curious about the others as well. I didn’t notice much fall out – although it did occur on the occasion; but, the colors weren’t chalky like Wet ‘n Wild shades.

What are your thoughts?


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