Maybelline 24 HR Color Tattoo – “Bad to the Bronze”

Famously known to be MAC’s paint pot “dupes,” Maybelline’s 24 HR Color Tattoo cream shadows have been a hit for quite a few months now. As they’ve circulated around YouTube and the blogging world, I delayed purchasing these because I had paint pots and GA’s Eyes to Kill to get through.

However, it’s quite impossible to actually finish any of it and I was getting impatient, lol. Technically, I suppose there’s no reason for me add onto my ever growing collection, but I was curious and just had to try.

My color of choice is “Bad to the Bronze” which is a taupey-bronze color that’s great all around. I justified this purchase by telling myself that I currently don’t own a bronzey shade that’s in cream form, so here we go. Much like the paint pots, it comes housed in a glass pot with a screw-on type lid. I haven’t noticed any drying out quite yet. My MAC ones did dry out quite quickly which was a bit annoying.

The texture is very smooth and creamy. I like to apply this with my fingers; mainly, because I like to swirl my finger in the product to warm it up. I apply it directly onto my lids and blend using another clean finger. It may not be the most hygienic or time-saving way, but it works for me. I find that trying to use a brush takes more time because the formula is hard and the transfer is difficult.

Lasting power is amazing with this product. I have layered is as a base and worn it totally on its own. And, every time nothing has budged or smudged in any way. The formula is still soft enough to move around on my lid; I find that some of the MAC paint pots dry fast after application and I can’t get it to look the way I want fast enough.

I like that the product is buildable. On lazy days, I just use this and then some eyeliner before adding mascara to my lashes. It’s quick and easy and I don’t have to really think much about it. Then, on nights out, or when I’m feeling up for it, I’ll pack it on and make it more dramatic and darker.

Though the concept of the cream eyeshadows is not new, it’s refreshing to see them at the drugstore for less than $10.00. I feel like with products like this, it’s always nicer to have drugstore options since I don’t feel like “investing” in a product that I don’t use as often as foundation or something. Plus, it gives us more options since it’s more affordable.

A heavy swatch of the color shows the intense pigmentation and smoothness. At this rate, there’s really no need to shell out $20-$30 for highend cream shadows – for that money, you could be investing in good skin care or foundation! So far, I’ve read rave reviews about these and I plan on getting a few more here and there. And, more than ever, it’s nice to see that drugstore products are getting some major credit.

Here’s “Bad to the Bronze” lightly applied with my fingers. No other shadows were added except for MAC “Coffee” eyeliner on my lower lashline and mascara. What do you think about these? Will you be jumping on the band wagon?

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