Makeup Removal/Cleasing Oil

One of the most important steps to take as a makeup user is to carefully and thoroughly remove everything before going to bed. Late nights out with friends and feeling tired after a late work day can lead us to be quite lazy with our makeup removal. Without this important step, our skin cannot breathe and repair itself at night; also, leaving impurities on your skin from the day before is not good for your skin – let alone, smearing it all over your pillow and then sleeping on it again the next night!

For those of you wanting a brightened and clear skin tone – this is the best thing for you to do: cleanse it thoroughly.

My favorite way to remove makeup is with cleansing oil. Using a cleansing oil is the most precise and thorough way of removing everything off of your face since oil breaks up oil. Also, please note that it doesn’t matter what kind of skin type you have (including oily skins) because it’s not like you’re leaving the oil on – you’ll be washing it off. For me personally, I like to remove my eye makeup with the Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover first. Then, I proceed to using my cleasing oil (onto dry face, with dry hands) – essentially, I massage it around my face, and foundation, concealer, powder, blush, etc. begins to melt right off.

Afterwards, I rinse my face and then move onto my cleansing step (since the removal process is over). Generally, for this step, I use a foam cleanser (sometimes in conjunction with my Clarisonic Mia).

Option 1 is my cheaper option for cleansing oils and you can pick it up at your local Asian market. It’s about $13 and I need a good 3-4 pumps to get a sufficient amount of oil. This bottle lasts up to 4 months since I only use it night on a daily basis. It gets the job done, even though it’s not my absolute favorite.

Option 2 is my favorite and most expensive choice for cleansing oils: the Shu Uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil. For 15.2 oz. it’s $67 and you have to place an online order. Although at first glance it’s an expensive option, this giant bottle lasts for nearly a year if I use it every night; and, more than a year if I’m alternating or experimenting with other oils or cleansing balms.

This particular oil – the pore clarifying one – is made for combination to oily skins, and is considered the first step for “pore-less skin.” According to the Shu Uemura website, this is “a lightweight cleansing oil that leaves the skin clean, fresh and refined.” You are able to “wash away pore concerns – enlarged pores and clogged pores that lead to blackheads.” It “effectively removes make-up and impurities inside pores while maintaining the skin’s necessary moisture level.” The product claims to be “empowered with Sakura Complex” and is a “cleansing oil [that] minimizes pores by eliminating excess sebum and visibly smoothes the skin’s surface.”

Here’s a demo: basically I’ve swatched random “long-wear” and “waterproof” makeup items onto dry skin. I let it set for a few minutes before drizzling the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I rubbed it in, wiped it off, and then washed my arm. Squeaky clean!

Some additional info about Shu Uemura cleansing oil: “it was developed from the knowledge that Mr. Uemura gained while working as a foremost Hollywood makeup artist in the 1950s. The secret to Shu Uemura cleansing oil is protecting the skin’s delicate balance while removing make-up and impurities in a single step.”

What are your thoughts on cleansing oils? Any particular ones you prefer? Have you tried Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils?

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