REVIEW: Essie Nail Polish in “Bikini So Teeny” – Summer 2012

It’s quite rare for a nail polish to catch my attention, let alone have its own post – but, I just have to rave about my new favorite nail color: Essie’s “Bikini So Teeny.” It’s totally is rocking to my socks off as of late. As always, I’ve prepped with using the Butter London Nail Foundation for a base coat before this color; and, used the Seche Vite top coat afterwards.

On the Essie website, the color is described as “a sparkling cornflower blue.” Yes, a cornflower-perriwinkle-blue that shouldn’t be confused with that of “baby blue” or “sky blue” (because it’s neither). It has the faintest of faintest glimmer – not shimmer – and the color is so unique. In some ways it appears flourescent because the color really pops.

I’m happy with this for the color and the ease of application. The color doesn’t appear to be streaky or thin; and 2 solid coats should do the trick. My only gripe with Essie formulations is that it takes long to dry (longer than other brands). But one thing that Essie polishes are known for is the “jelly” finish.

This color has been difficult to find recently because of its recent recognition on YouTube. I found mine at Walgreens and it was the last one after hunting it down all afternoon. It’s a great fun summer color and the name is so cute!


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