CHANEL Le Blanc – Brightening Moisture Lotion

The Chanel Le Blanc skincare range is catered towards those wanting to brighten and illuminate their skin tone. We have to remember to not confuse this with ‘whitening,’ but that’s a whole different ball-game; however, the idea of it remains the same. Another thing to keep in mind (in my opinion), is that eliminating dark spots, age spots, sun spots, and acne scarring takes time; and, I believe products alone cannot deliver such promised results. What I mean by this is that though products like the Le Blanc line can help your skin, it’s unrealistic to rely on them to all of sudden diminish all spots from your face within weeks.

LE BLANC daily brightening skincare ritual marries the power of Eastern philosophy and Western science to illuminate the complexion, delivering more even-toned, radiant skin. Each of the exquisitely textured products in LE BLANC range offers a specific benefit that works in synergy to brighten the complexion. With key ingredients Pearl Protein and Licorice Extracts, this lightweight toner continues to hydrate as it refines skin, rendering it more receptive to the brightening action of LE BLANC ritual.”

Lovely packaging
Easy squirt top/nozzle that’s not wasteful
Smells great
Feels clean and moisturizing
Dries on the skin quickly
Skin feels supple and renewed
Noticably brightens TEMPORARILY

Doesn’t last long (maybe 4 months)
Brightening effect only temporary
No long-term improvements
Will probably work better if using entire range
Didn’t notice any real results

Is this a skincare necessity? No. Is it worth the price and hype? Again, no.

Perhaps there will be some kind of desirable effect if one were to purchase the entire skincare line – but that’s a lot to invest in for something that may or may not work. Another thing to remember is that the illumination and radiance is temporary – in fact, you notice it right away after application. But that’s about it and you shouldn’t expect magical miracles from a toner.

Despite the fancy claims and ingredients, I would skip this and either invest in the serum (which is more potent and designed to penetrate the skin further for better results), or diligently exfoliate your skin to renew it, keep it hydrated, and wear sunscreen on a daily basis to prevent further darkening of the skin.

Also, note that prevention is key. It’s better to protect your skin from damage than to try to reverse damage later on in life.

Retails for $67.50 5 fl. oz.
Made in France.

*Quotes extracted from


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