Chantecaille ‘Just Skin’ Tinted Moisturizer – “Bliss”

I’ve had the Chanetecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer on my list for ages, but avioded it because of its hefty price tag. I caved and purchased it remaining totally skeptical at the start of my trial process. Although I have tried Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer and the recently launched NARS tinted moisturizer, I figured at this point, I was done with discovering a better one.

Chantecaille’s ‘Just Skin’ is considered to be a versatile product because of its “three-in-one formula [that] represents a new approach to foundation, powered by the latest Japanese technology.” Described as a “skin perfector,” I’m impressed with this product.

Long story short – I love this tinted moisturizer. I’m surprised by the overall performance of this product and now all my expectations for tinted moisturizers have changed. The most incredible thing about this product is that it looks just like your skin (hence the name of the product). It mimics skin’s texture and color, which honestly surprised me.

This product is extremely lightweight; and, the consistency is much like a creamy gel. It is considered to contain a “non-toxic mineral sunscreen” with a “new complex of botanicals that delivers protection from free radicals, smog and sun.” Coverage is light – meaning it smoothes lines, plumps the skin, and evens out skintone at most. Essentially, this is basically a complexion enhancer.

My shade is “Bliss” and it is the second to lightest shade in the range, next to the first shade, which is pink-based. The range only comes with 6 colors, however, I feel that any skin shade can wear this because the color blends out so well; it’s very forgiving. This is also very easy to use since you slap it on after your morning skin care routine and move on. I powder over my t-zone to combat oiliness since the product never claims to be oil-free.

“Just Skin’s anti-irritant, antioxidant and anti-pollution botanical extracts include honeysuckle, edelweiss and green tea. Sodium hyaluronate helps to seal in skin’s moisture. The result is a clean and natural finish.” I find that this is very soothing on my skin – it not only feels refreshing, but it also calms down my pink cheeks and relieves my skin when it’s having an attitude.

I like the naturalness of this product, but I admit it doesn’t do anything magical despite having removed chemicals and silicones (as compared to other products). If you already have fairly good skin with very little pigmentation problems, I’d say give this a go – otherwise, the barely there coverage would be pointless for those with pigmentation and texture issues. Unlike the product’s claims, I wouldn’t say that this is foundation or anything close to it. I agree that it provides a clean and natural finish; and, I also agree my skin is happily moisturized (though still oily halfway though my day).

1.7 oz.
Retails for $64.00.
Made in Japan.

*Quotes extracted from
*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)


6 thoughts on “Chantecaille ‘Just Skin’ Tinted Moisturizer – “Bliss”

  1. I love this stuff! Just purchased it on a Cathay flight yesterday and I already am obsessed ;) I don’t have particularly oily skin so luckily I don’t get shiny using this without powder (more than I can say for other TMs/ BB creams I have tried). Also this makes me look dewy & fresh rather than dull. :) My only concern is possible “ghost-face” or “flashback” with flash photography. Have you experienced this?
    What I love is that it makes it look like my skin is naturally perfect!

    • YES – I love this product too and it’s remained a staple in my collection. I’m so glad that it’s working so well for you. I, too, have experienced the “ghost-face” and I suspect it’s because of the SPF in the product. Boo!

  2. Thank you for the nice reviews of especially makeup bases. I’m trying to decide which shades I should order in the Chantecaille anti smog tinted moisturizer and Chantecaille compact makeup. Of the Armani Luminous silk foundationI’ve been matched to first #4 (a bit to yellow) and then the new shade #3.5. Do you think bliss or porcelain would fit best? I like to stay true to my skintone and not darken it especially in the winter. And do you think Petal would be a good match in the compact makeup? Thank you.

    • Hey there,
      I think in general, Armani base makeup tends to be yellow and I think 3.5 or 3 would be a better match (especially of you don’t want to go darker for the winter). Chantecaille tends to have some peachier undertones, which is why I think it’s more flattering. I think “Bliss” will work out well for you, but for the compact makeup, try “Shell” instead of “Petal.” “Shell” is not as pink as “Petal.” I hope this has helped!

  3. Thank you for your fast reply and advice. I’m looking forward to trying this brand! My all time favorite blush is also Mac welldressed and now I want to try Armani sheer blush #2 since it worked out so well for you:-)

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