Sephora Collection: Crayon Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear (Waterproof)

Today’s post is about something surprising and pleasant: the Sephora Collection Crayon Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear eyeshadow “sticks.” The ‘surprising’ factor is that I’m blown away by this product and it’s gone unnoticed and overlooked because it’s not one of the premium brands sold at Sephora. Funnily enough, even though I frequently visit Sephora, I’ve never looked into their own line.

I stumbled across the jumbo liner sticks because originally I wanted the NARS shadow sticks. After purchasing two of them, I played with them and experimented for 2 weeks before realizing I hated them. The only reason why they stuck around for 2 weeks is because I was sure that my beloved NARS would pull through. Sure enough, I disliked the consistency, the application was not smooth, and it creased like a mother.

I began perusing the Sephora Collection display because I was bored and eager to make an exchange. I played with these babies and was instantly sold. The best part is that they’re $12 each. Since they’re pretty much half the price of all the other exclusive brands sold at Sephora, it’s such a good deal and they perform better than what I’ve previously experienced.

The 2 colors I purchased are “01 White” and “05 Beige.” All the colors in this range have unoriginal and straight-to-the-point names. The application is buttery soft and the color is true to what it’s supposed to be. The shimmer is just enough to be pretty, because no one wants to look like a pageant queen every day.

Sephora claims that “these jumbo pencils create a range of effects, from bold lines and blended effects to thin, defined lines.” The formula is “resistant to water, heat, and humidity,” and the “creamy, high-pigment formulas apply smoothly.” Apparently, each jumbo pencil “is formulated with exclusive waxes and pigments to assure maximum color intensity that stays put for 12-hours.”

Honestly, I’m not sure what “exclusive waxes” they’re referring to – but, I’m impressed with the creamy and smooth texture, the easy application, and color that doesn’t run and smudge all day. Because the product is waterproof, blendability is an issue. Once applied, you have to work quickly to blend out the color. With these, it’s best to use your finger than a brush to do so. The warmth of your finger will naturally heat up the product and blend it easily. But after the first 5 seconds of application, that formula is there to stay until you remove it.

P.S. Both the “01 White” and “05 Beige” are great for inner corner highlighting and are perfect as bases for corresponding shadows. Or, you can wear them on their own with some liner and mascara. BOOM. :)

Thanks for reading. What affordable treasure have you found lately?

Made in Germany.
Net. wt. 0.10 oz. each.
Retails for $12 each.

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)


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