Early Birthday MAC Haul

In order to justify another haul, I told myself that I could treat myself since my birthday is nearly a week away. This is just a modest haul, featuring all permanent items plus one limited edition blush. Here’s a quick post of today’s findings.

*MAC blush “Well Dressed”
*MAC blush “Pink Tea” (LE)
*MAC eyeliner “Coffee”
*MAC eyeshadow “Bronze”

I’ve added another neutral color to my collection, which is “Bronze” eyeshadow. I know that it has an unoriginal name and looks uninteresting in the pan, lol. However, I’ve been on the lookout for a vivid, true bronze color for quite some time now. Some bronze tones end up looking orangey or muddy on my lids and that isn’t very flattering. I’ve been on a brown eyeliner kick because black liners just aren’t doing it for me anymore. “Coffee” is a dark brown color, which technically isn’t anything special. I like how it defines my eyes but it doesn’t look harsh.

I’m only recently joining in with everyone else and buying MAC blushes. All these years I was afraid of putting anything MAC-related on my face because of a traumatic experience many years ago. Once upon a time, I purchased a MAC foundation and it nearly killed my skin to pieces – cystic acne, rashes, and horrendously clogged pores. It took over a month to fully recover from and MONTHS after that to treat the leftover hyperpigmentation – and, since then, I refused all MAC face products. I started dabbling in the blushes and haven’t had any ill reactions, which makes me so excited!

Recently, with the Très Cheek collection that was released, I picked a safe shade, “Pink Tea,” which is a soft milky pink color along with a permanent shade, “Well Dressed,” since that’s what appeared to be a highly recommended blush. Both look very similar in the pan but we’ll see how it translates onto the skin. Sorry for not posting any swatches today and for being so brief. More exciting posts to come!

Thanks for reading.

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)


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