REVIEW: DIOR Addict Extreme #336 – “Saint Tropez”

Normally, I’m a Chanel-lip-product-girl and apart from a few staple Dior items, I tend to stick to what I like. However, as of late, it seems that I’m broadening my horizon a bit regarding lip products and I’m venturing off and experimenting with various brands like YSL, NARS, and Dior. Because Dior’s new Addict Extreme lipsticks are hot right now, I was curious and went to check it out for myself.

I purchased #336 “Saint Tropez” and have already dubbed it my go-to spring/summer color for my lips. From what I gathered, the ‘extreme’ line comes cased in a dark blue tube rather than the clear one. Personally, I prefer the navy blue tube. Unfortunately, I’m unable to compare it to any of Dior’s other formulations/collections since I don’t own them. When I picked “Saint Tropez,” I was immediately drawn to it by looking at all the beautiful testers. This one was a rich, coral-pink, that had high-shine and NO shimmers. Yes.

I swatched it and made up my mind that I would be picking this one to purchase. After quickly scanning the rest of the available options, none of them really fit my taste – even though they all looked beautiful on display like that. It’s like candy – kind of expensive candy, haha.

Nordstrom describes Dior Addict Extreme lipsticks as a product that “combines vibrant color intensity with the perfection of luminous shine. Extreme, almost breathtaking shades make lips glow with radiant shine in vibrant colors with dazzling pure pigments.”

The pigmentation is rich and the high-gloss shine is wonderful on its own without a gloss over it. The lasting power is impressive – over 4 hours, and that’s with going to brunch and talking, eating, and drinking (and dabbing my mouth on my napkin). I love how this coral-pink translates to a soft (yet rich) pinky-peach color that isn’t too bright and overpowering. Despite my love for pigmentation, I don’t like packed-on and super opaque coverage.

HOWEVER, there are some points I dislike: first of all, it’s not as moisturizing as my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. Although the product adheres well to the lips (and stays there), I have to wear lip blam underneath this or my lips feel too dry. Second, after it begins to wear off and you begin to notice it (at about the third hour), the color is left looking patchy and visibly dry. Even though much of the pigmentation has remained on the lips, it’s no longer that smooth finish. Third, if I want to re-apply, I have to completely and totally remove the left over product from my lips and then re-apply. If not, the dry parts of the lips that are left over from the initial first application makes the second application look nasty and goopy.

For me, I like this product because I like the color so much. I’m convinced I don’t have anything like this and that’s the reason why I want to keep it. Unfortunately, I’m not set on ‘collecting’ more colors because I feel like it’s kind of high maintenance. I just feel like that with my trusty Chanel lippies, I can slap it on wherever and whenever – day or night – with or without a mirror – and with or without lip balm underneath. Until another awesomely awesome color catches my attention, I think I will limit my purchase to just #336 “Saint Tropez.”

Have you tried these yet? If so, what are your favorite colors?
As always, thanks for reading.

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)

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