Tips for Monday

Boo, Monday. Is it just me or is January flying by? Pretty soon, it will be February; then, Valentine’s Day; then, my bestie’s birthday bash; then, my birthday! By then, spring would be on its way out and summer would be pretty much in full action. Of course, at that point, it will be halfway into 2012. Crazy. After some good reading material im the blog world, I’ve put together a short post: Tips for Monday.

So, now that we’re supposed to be getting ready for bikinis and pool attire, I read on that sticking to plain yogurt or greek yogurt is best for maintaing a flat tummy – “the probiotic bacteria in most yogurts help keep your digestive system healthy, which translates into a lower incidence of gas, bloating, and constipation, which can keep your tummy looking flat.” Definitely something good to keep in mind!

Adding high-powered fruits like blueberries or raspberries is good for your body (and skin) as well. For dry skins, applying yogurt directly to a cleansed face acts as a super face mask. For me, personally, I like to stick to having greek yogurt with some honey drizzled on top, or with some fruit, or I add a splash of nuts if I have some around my kitchen.

I’ve been trying to control my soda cravings for awhile now, especially since I don’t like diet sodas in general. Registered dietitian and certified personal trainer Erin Palinski reminds us to avoid carbonated beverages. “These gassy drinks can fill our bellies with air, causing the stomach to look distended and bloated,” Palinski says. “Instead aim for water or calorie-free beverages rich in antioxidants (which decrease inflammation which may be linked with increased abdominal fat storage) such as green tea.”

Plus, our bodies are better hydrated this way, which is always a good thing for our hair, skin, and nails. I’ve noticed that if I go for a period of time without drinking water, I can feel it right away in my body; and, sometimes I think I can feel it in my skin too. Water naturally plumps the skin, so drinking more of it should give your face a nice and natural healthy glow because it’s coming from the inside. After finishing your green tea, try using the tea bags and put them over your eyes to de-puff them; or put it on a pimple. The anti-inflammatory agents help soothe the irritated pimple. It won’t make the monster go away overnight, but it sure helps reduce the size – which always helps in the mornings.

And, yes, there’s a “right” way of spaying perfume. I didn’t know this, because this whole time, I’ve been spraying it on my wrists and then rubbing them together. When I’m feeling extra fancy, I’d spray some on my neck as well.

Perfume is tricky because it’s so personal; and, fragrances smell differently on different people (even if it’s the same kind) because of everyone’s different body chemistry. This is why I avoid giving fragrances as gifts because what I think smells good, may not “smell good” on another person. Also, I found that different notes within a perfume appeals to different people as well.

Three things to keep in mind: 1.) don’t spray your perfume on over any kind of scented lotion or oil; spray on your bare skin to avoid any weird interaction of scents. 2.)avoid rubbing your wrists together because it “crushes” the perfume by breaking down the small fragrance molecules; instead, spray wrists separately, or touch them together gently. 3.)most importantly, we want to avoid overkill – so, don’t use more than a single spritz if you’re wearing eau de parfum; and, eau de toilettes are more dilute so all-over spritzing is okay.

Most of the time, I like to spray perfume directly onto my clothing. I wonder if that’s a bad thing? I this it’s quite nice when perfume lingers on my clothing and I’m not bothered by it at all. I suppose if you rotate different perfumes occassionally or seasonally that may pose to be a problem.

And, I’ve been transitioning to products that are more natural-based with less chemicals and ingredients I can’t pronounce. I noticed Neturogena’s new products at Target and picked up a new night cream and cleanser. So far, both are fantastic, smells great, and really seems to be delivering its claims. It’s too soon to tell if my life’s been changed by the products, but I’m happy to be exploring more purer products that can get the job done.

Happy Monday. Thanks for reading!

*images extracted from,
*Neutrogena product picture taken via my Blackberry Bold
*content adapted from various blogs


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