New Treasure

What I mean by “new treasure” is finding something cute and durable at a good price. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a zip-around wallet — which, sadly, I was unable to find at a decent price. The ones that would catch my attention were hundreds of dollars; and, the ones that were readily available were cheap looking with a very short life span.

Surprisingly, when I stopped by Urban Outfitters on a whim, I randomly found this wallet that did exactly what I wanted. It was soft leather, zipped all the way around, had good amount of slots/compartments, and it looked pretty. It feels like good quality — definitely durable…all for $20.

The brand is KIMCHI BLUE, which is exclusively for Urban Outfitters. While it is named after a popular Korean side dish, I admit, maybe I was a teeny bit biased because of the name! Other than that, the inside stitching is simple and well-kept, with no loose threads (which could lead to potential disaster). The inside is cloth so it doesn’t stretch much, but I figured as long as it’s not overstuffed, we’re good to go.

The back has a sizeable pocket. It’s not designed to hold much, but it’s good to have just in case. Overall, I’m impressed with the quality and price of the wallet. I like that I can shove things into it and then just zip it up.

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)
[As always, click on picture to enlarge if you wish.]


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